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We have been loyally serving families since 1997

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YOU knew your loved one best. WE have years of experience. Together, let us create a memorial in their honor, be it formal, simple, or unique. 

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We offer scattering services on both coasts and full body burials on the east coast from Maine to Miami. 

Understanding the time sensitivity of your request, please help us get you the info you need quickly by supplying us with the following important contact information. 

Upon receipt of your request, we will email you the info and will contact you to discuss your requested scheduling.

As we all know, sometimes, the Internet does not behave the way we'd like it to... If you do not hear from us in a reasonable amount of time, please send an email to or call Captain Ken's cell phone - 619-520-9550.

We respect your privacy. We will never give, sell, or otherwise compromise your personal information


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